Realistic Flameless Candles for Convenience and Aesthetic Pleasure

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To many, realistic flameless candles seem too good to be true. People see poorly made imitations on shelves, with batteries that die quickly and lights that just look wrong: a poor representation of what is actually an impressive product when you know where to look. Fans of flameless candles praise their convenience, cost-efficiency, eco-friendly footprint and ability to replicate traditional candles.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Candles

When it comes to the strengths of LED candles, the biggest are those drawing from their nature as electric devices. Unlike flame candles, the battery-powered variety can be equipped with a number of LED candle convenience features depending on your needs. These range from timers to remote capabilities. The candles can also run for a long time, with choice brands boasting as many as 3000+ hours of light on one set of batteries.
Taking these features together, LED candles become incredibly cost-effective around the home. A candle with on a 5-hour timer that can run for 3000 hours will last for over 1.5 years before batteries need to be changed. This is an effective way to, say, generate some light in the house after dark without running up the electric bill by switching on lamps or overhead lights. And of course, unlike regular candles, there is no extra effort to lighting them, or risk of fire, or mess of melted wax to worry about.
Running the candles for longer, if you choose the programmable variety, can be a good way to light up closed spaces such as cabinets. The candlelight also looks nice through glass doors and windows on an entertainment centre, display case, or any other miscellaneous lighting situations where you want to put some style into your solution. Again, because of the lack of a flame, one can safely use an LED candle in these situations without risking damage or destruction of property.

Realistic Flameless Candles

Many people still choose to use traditional candles because they miss the look of the dancing flame and the statement it creates. However, in addition to added conveniences, LED candle producers have worked hard to replicate the effect of flickering flame candles with the LED technology available. By manipulating the light of the bulb, they simulate a moving, dancing flame’s light. They are perfect for many homeowners, especially for those who find flame candles to be inconvenient or unsafe, such as those with children, pets, or large houses where leaving a candle unattended is unavoidable.
In the end, even those who prefer genuine flame find use of realistic flameless candles for other purposes, such as the eco-friendly and economical nature of LED light. With even more realistic flameless candles coming about, from ones made of real wax to ones with recessed bulbs and real wicks to add to the outward appearance, and even scented varieties, the LED candle market has grown significantly over the years and only continues to grow.
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