A Moving Flame Candle: The Safe Alternative to True Flame

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Candles are a classic household décor item. They look lovely, produce a surprising amount of light, and can last for months without any battery changes. Better yet, they are affordable and an easy source of light without having to rely on wired power, meaning they can last through power outages and surges when your home’s electric lights have been knocked out. Besides that, they are well-loved by fans of romance and mystique, creating an atmosphere that lamps and bulbs cannot.
Sadly, the classic wax-and-wick candle has a flaw inherent in its nature. Because they rely on an open flame to create light, they can become a fire hazard – possibly damaging or destroying furniture, fixtures, and even homes. Wax melting creates a mess quickly if the candle is open rather than in a jar or other container meant to combat such issues, not to mention that molten wax is HOT and can burn skin easily if it makes contact. The fire and burn risks are especially dangerous in households with pets or small children, and during the holidays when flammable decorations are out and candles are more frequently lit.

LED Candles


Of course, most people have heard at least a little bit about flameless candles or battery powered lights styled to look like a wax candle. Many have likely also heard or guessed that they don’t quite look right - a bulb looks quite different from a flame, after all. While this is still certainly true of some flameless candles, the techniques used by manufacturers have evolved and been refined, creating LED candles that give the appearance of a moving flame. Different companies’ moving flame candles may use different techniques and are constructed differently to better mimic the appearance of a candle. Depending on one’s individual need, LED moving flame candles can be purchased in any number of colours and styles. Some brands even offer both wax LED candles and resin LED candles for when one needs to choose between the classic feel of cool wax or a solid body that will not fall apart outdoors or when handled roughly by children, pets, and houseguests.


Other Advantages


Safety is, of course, not the only reason to buy flameless LED candle. Novelties and conveniences offered by battery-powered candles cover a wide range, all permitted by the electronic component. To name a few, one may see candles with programmable timers or remote control functionality, as well as outdoor options and scents. These conveniences allow electric candles to serve as practical lights as well as decorations, for example, by having them in a hallway with a timer set to turn on in the evening, giving light without spending excess in electricity. Depending on the batteries used, some LED candles also have an active life of three thousand or more hours.


Candles are a classic, but they’re not always necessarily an option for everyone. A moving flame LED candle can be a safe, eco-friendly, and pretty alternative to the traditional candle for those who cannot have an open flame in their home. 
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