Flameless Candles that Look Real

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Flameless candles that look real have been nearly impossible to find in the past. The electric candles available today are vastly superior to their primitive plastic counterparts. There are some truly impressive options on the market today that make the switch to an electronic option not only viable, but also practical and beneficial. From build quality and realism to features and safety, electronic flameless candles are becoming more and more popular every year. Have a look at some of the impressive leaps the industry has made in the last decade and discover why there’s never been a better time to make the switch to battery-operated candles.

Materials and Features

The latest and most innovative flameless candles on the market today are made with real wax; they look and feel just like the real thing. They can even be found in scented options. The wicks look realistic whether lit or unlit. Flameless candles, while looking just like traditional candles, offer functionality that simply isn't possible through other options. Built-in timers make these devices turn on or off at specified times. They can even be controlled via remote in some cases. Flameless electric candles are the perfect solution for anyone looking for the atmosphere, comfort, and warmth created with candles without the difficult to clean messes and potential fire hazards.


In the past, flameless candles have only been available in poorly made plastic shells with silly looking light bulbs sticking out of the top. The flicker was more like a strobe effect found in a child’s toy and they never really fit in with the décor of any home. The wax electronic candles of today are made to an entirely different standard. At first glance, it’s all but impossible to tell the difference between a traditional candle and its battery-powered counterpart. The finest devices available today come in dozens of colours, shapes, and sizes that allow them to not only fit into any home décor, but to improve the look of any space.


While countless people around the world love having candles around the house, certain circumstances make them dangerous. Those with small children or pets may be wary of open flames and hot liquid wax on tables that can be easily knocked over, creating not only a difficult to clean mess, but also the potential for damages to the home, or worse, injuries to your family. Electronic candles provide natural flickering and scent sought after by candle lovers without any of the dangers involved with open flames in the home.
Flameless candles that look real were once not possible. Today, things are different. The best manufacturers of electric candles use only real and the most convincing materials to craft long-lasting, great smelling battery powered candles providing natural looking, flickering, dancing light. They’re safer than traditional candles and the convenience of timers and remote controls makes the creation of perfect intimate lighting simple. Before you buy your next package of candles, consider making the switch to the electronic alternative. It could be the answer you’ve been looking for.
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