Flameless Candle with Timer

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Hundreds of years ago, people used candles to tell time; the melting of the wax marking hours madeit easier to tell time. Nowadays, flameless candle companies have made LED candles that can tell time on their own, with both pre-set timers and programmable timers. A flameless candle with a timer can be used in a surprising number of ways, especially when combined with other features making their way into the flameless candle product line.

Lighting Solutions Using Flameless Candles with Timers

The obvious feature in any variety of candle is light. Candles were made as a lighting solution before electricity was around and still serve that purpose in a pinch. Of course, it is not exactly practical in the modern household to light several dozen candles to provide lighting in the night time, nor is it safe to do so. Flameless candles fill this niche nicely, being a safe alternative that will not melt overnight and leave you with a waxy mess to clean up. Battery lives of up to 3000 hours in some brands (some Candle Impressions brand products are specifically noted as having such) mean that you won’t be spending much money on batteries either. All of this makes the use of flameless candles as a lighting solution a practical idea, while being more cost-effective and eco-friendly than just turning on the lights in your house or using traditional candles.
A flameless candle on a timer can make for a stylish night-light for an older child’s room, without being embarrassing for them and without taking up a power outlet that might be needed for toys or devices they love. As a final note, keep in mind that anywhere you can fit a flameless candle is a place it can be used. Since they don’t produce heat, there is no hazard to them, meaning they can find use in cupboards, on bookshelves and staircases, or anywhere else that a little light might be useful or beautiful.

Other Features and Uses

Many features are offered in flameless candles, including scented flameless candles and color-changing candles.Again, using the features of timers and remote controls can create a number of new candle uses. Weather-resistant resin-bodied flameless candles can be placed on patios or on windowsills and activated remotely or at certain times of day. Without the need for an outlet, scented flameless candles can be placed more freely and have a more subtle appearance than wall-based air fresheners, making for a good way to spread a fragrance and keep your home smelling nice, without giving your secret away.
With a little creativity, one can do some pretty neat things with a flameless candle with a timer, whether practical, eccentric or artistic; it is just a matter of knowing the product and finding the right candle for the purpose. Just like wick candles, the LED variety is startlingly versatile with a candle for every niche and need.
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