Dancing Flame Candles Becoming More Realistic Than Ever

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Dancing Flame Candle

Candles are been a common fixture in households, as well as in many businesses and workplaces, because of their calming effect and soothing glow. Even as other methods of lighting have been introduced and found their place, candles have not fallen out of style. As time goes on, and candlelight becomes more niche, people have begun to change the nature of the candle to better suit modern needs and tastes. As an example, scented candles are a favourite of housekeepers, romantics, and college students. Candles of all kinds have become a staple in romantic, gothic, and luxurious aesthetics, especially thanks to the electric candle’s dancing flame.
The fatal flaw with candles is the flame. Fire is a very real hazard and many environments where candles are used are at a high risk of a fire starting, especially in bedrooms, living rooms and other living spaces with flammable materials. Because of a need for a safe and eco-friendly alternative, LED candles powered by batteries have come about as an attempt to keep the feel of a candle with the safety.
The main deterrent of LED candles is the belief they aren’t authentic: electric lights don’t sway or flicker like a real candle, exposed bulbs give away their nature, the lack of a wick is noticeable, etc. When a product’s main purpose is to set a mood or atmosphere and provide decoration, authenticity is key. Luckily modern LED candles are anything but inauthentic.

Flickering, Moving, Dancing Flame LED Candles

The response to such complaints have been to try to fix the problem and move to replicate the look and feel of "classic” candles. Everything from base to tip of the LED candle has been tweaked, twisted and innovated by various competitors seeking the edge over each other. As an example, the Candle Impressions brand was the first and only to implement a wick into their candle designs for the sake of realism while the light was turned off.  Candle Impressions has been the leader in innovating the flameless candle and has created authentic candle designs that include real wax constructions, plastic resins for outdoor use, and even scented candles to fit every niche.

Added Features in LED Candles

Of course, brands haven’t relied on realism alone to sell their product - as a battery operated device, LED candles can carry the convenience and quality-of-life features that any battery can, while still aiming to emulate the feel of a candle. These features range from remote control to automated timers, and even programmable timers. These features make LED candles convenient for décor and practical purposes as well, especially for getting just a little bit of light in the evening using as night-lights, and creating lit guides for guests at night for the washroom or kitchen.
Replicating the dancing flame that candles are known for, flameless candles with a moving flame provide yet another niche product that has already met huge success, and which continues to grow as their popularity increases. LED dancing flame candles are available in so many designs; they are able to replace virtually any candle in any home or business.  
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